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(Spoilers) Arknights – WWE Banner (2 months later)

It’s been a while since I’ve watched pro wrestling featuring Dave Bautista and John Cena. But the WWE Banner I’m talking about is the Arknights gacha banner first introduced in the Arknights First Year Anniversary. W/Weedy/Elysium Also known as Cremation Last Wish, Doctors (Arknights players) were given a great many rewards including a free Operator, … Continue reading (Spoilers) Arknights – WWE Banner (2 months later)

A Shelter Essay

This is an essay I wrote for a rhetoric course in university a few years ago. I was talking to my brother about the flexibility of topics we had in that course. Everyone in the course did assignments on movies, Superbowl commercials, and even viral YouTube videos. Of course, a lot of people did music videos and I decided to try with Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter. I would like to return to this essay and rewrite a new analysis.